2023-05-09 proxies

All is big, until it is solved to become small

I used to proxy all my sites through Cloudflare becuase how easy and fast it was. But recently I have been noticing that the sites are taking a lot of time to load. Exactly 1.3 Mins to load after DNS cache was cleared everytime.

1.3Min Wait

This was odd and bad as it takes too much too time to load a simple site. So i tried to curl the same endpoint and it finally showed the problem.

Curl request

Here we can see that there are two IP assigned by cloudflare for my endpoint. First one was which doesnt respond at all and times out after 75seconds. And second one was which gave instant responses. I checked on chrome which IP the site was resolving to, and yes, it was resolving to the second IP after 1.3 minute wait.

Chrome IP

After checking twitter and cloudflare community about this, I understood that few Indian ISP’s are the real culprit here where i live. They are blocking the first IP which is delaying the response. So i tried to chat with cloudflare but you need paid account to even talk with them. So rather than waiting for 1.3 minutes, i just shifted all my sites to my own server and let go off cloudflare's sweet sweet features. πŸ₯²

I hope no one DDOSes my puny VM.πŸ™

[12 May 2023]: I finally got my HN home page internet fame for 20mins.😭😭😭

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